My Experience Backstage!

Top 20 on Stage at MTC-W!

This whole experience was amazing, and I am so fortunate to have been given this opportunity!

On July 16, 2011 I competed against 74 delegates from accross Canada in hopes of becoming Miss Teen Canada-World!

My heart was racing while I stood on stage when the top 20 were being announced. It had been my goal to make it at least that far in the competition. Every time a girl’s name was called my stomach turned, so when they announced “number 49 – Kelsey Johnson” I was SO relieved, needless to say – proud! My name was announced 18th, so you could imagine how I felt standing in anticipation!

After the top 20 were announced, we had to run back stage and change into our swimsuits – fast! There were tears from some of the other girls who did not make it further, but the support the delegates were giving each other was incredible!

Backstage - After the Show!

So on stage we went! Our scores were whiped clean and from the top 20, 10 of us were moving on and 10 of us were being cut! I had a feeling that I wasn’t going any further, but that did not stop me from putting my best foot forward! A side from exiting at the wrong part of the stage, I still thought I did okay and was beyond happy for the girls that moved on!

While waiting for the results, the top 20 were dancing back stage while Danny Fernandes preformed on stage. I really wish we would have had the opportunity to actually watch him!

When it was time for the top 10 to be announced, my heart began to race again. Although I was slightly saddened to not be moving on – I was so excited for the girls that did!

After the top 10 were announced we had to run back and change into our evening gowns! We only had only 4 minutes to do so, and I ended up going on with out my earrings 🙁 Despite it all, I still had a blast when we hit the stage again and the top 5 were announced!

Congratulations to the top 5! :

Danielle Furneaux, Alexandra Hanasz, Lauren Howe, Sophie Church & Caroline Holley!

&& A special congratulations to the new Miss Teen Canada-World and friend LAUREN HOWE!

Miss Teen Canada-World 2011 - Lauren Howe from Ontario!

Best of luck in the international competition happening August 1 -5th! I know you will do an amazing job representing Canada! <3

** Pictures from the pageant will be posted on my facebook page in 2 weeks when they become available! 🙂

Written by: Kelsey Johnson
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